Sprint Nextel And Clearwire To Partner On The First Nationwide WiMAX Network

Sprint Nextel And Clearwire To Partner On The First Nationwide WiMAX Network

Clearwire and Sprint Nextel plan their partnership and one of their main goals will be the building of the first national mobile broadband network that will be completely based on the WiMAX mobile technology. All of this is because of the promotion of the global expansion of the entire WiMAX technology and the development of its services.

This partnership was meant to create multiple broad benefits for public safety users, the Federal government, educators, businesses of all sorts but most of all, the consumers. In order to do so, they will need to foster more efficient deployment of a mobile WiMAX broadband network, which is broad and quicker. And this is much more than any of the aforementioned companies could ever accomplish on their own for sure.

Designed to deliver mobile broadband services in rural, suburban and urban markets, the WiMAX network aims to enable significantly better and greater breadth and depth of their services. Each company will, therefore, reduce their operating costs as well as the network development while increasing capital efficiency. As a part of their agreement is the roaming between the respected territories and both Clearwire and Sprint Nextel are working on this as a part of their nationwide network building plan.

NextelOne of their main goals is the overall improvement of their products and services and they will put their joint effort on distribution, marketing, branding and shared infrastructure. With this in mind, it is important to mention that the companies plan to exchange carefully selected 2,5 GHz spectrum with the aim and the very best intention to optimize the operation and development as well as the build-out of the network.

Upon the execution of their definite agreement, all of this should take place in the next two months where the officials expect that the entire process will be completely finalized while entering the mature stage of the overall global negotiations. After the conclusion of the agreement chapter, both companies plan to surprise their consumers as well as the distributors and businesses all across the country with the open Internet access.

This is how they will test their wireless broadband network that designed with the thought to deliver comparable speeds while offering maximum customer flexibility. It’s safe to say that all consumers of their services will greatly benefit from this useful agreement and merging.


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