ABI Research Tracks US Mobile WiMAX Market As It Moves From Uncertain To Vibrant

ABI Research Tracks US Mobile WiMAX Market As It Moves From Uncertain To Vibrant

There are numerous and divided opinions throughout the United States when it comes to WiMAX. It was not longer than a year ago that people thought they would only see fixed WiMAX deployed in rural areas. Of course, this would imply that there are no cable modem or DSL services. Since the switching to mobile WiMAX instead of using their ordinary proprietary network, Sprint Nextel became one of the pioneers as the first major mobile operator that is officially committed to WiMAX.

Clearwire and Sprint will immediately work on forming a full roaming arrangement and the final goal would be to merge completely. The main goal is to attract as more mergers, partnerships and major strategic alliances as possible. NextWave is also into WiMAX spectrum and their NextWave Broadband subsidiary has but one main aim and that is to make sure to enable more WiMAX devices as soon as possible.

The only way how they can do this is by selling, even more, mobile WiMAX chipsets because that is the only way how they can completely ensure that the value of the entire spectrum will be greatly increased. In this digital era, it is a normal thing that there will be a lot of wireless ISPs that are all looking to deploy mobile WiMAX.

VerizonOne of the ISPs that would serve as a perfect example would be Horizon Wi-Com. It is a known fact that they hold their 2,3 GHz Northeast spectrum after acquiring it from Verizon. With this in mind, EchoStar and DirecTV decided to make their partnership with Clearwire official by announcing that they will allow Clearwire to bundle broadcast video, shortly after they manage to deploy their network.

This will provide the DSB companies with a low-latency and utterly fast pipe. All of this along with much more about similar moves and market trends in the world is discussed in the latest ABI Research Brief. This research was named Mobile WiMAX in the United States and its main aim and goal were to provide a detailed analysis.


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