Aperto Unveils Mobile Wimax Strategy


Aperto Networks, has unveiled its strategy to support a wide range of deployment options for network operators looking to capitalize on the IEEE 802.16-2004 fixed and IEEE 802.16e-2005 mobile WiMAX standards.

Aperto’s mobile WiMAX offering is based on an extension of Aperto’s industry leading PacketMAX architecture, including the PM5000, the first base station to be certified by the WiMAX Forum. Aperto has adapted PacketMAX to accommodate the mobile WiMAX standard through 802.16e-2005 compliant radio controller modules and software selectable subscriber units allowing spectrally efficient collocation of the equipment based on the fixed and mobile WiMAX standards, or an elegant migration from fixed to mobile WiMAX.

“Aperto has been a strong solutions partner for GTS Poland for a long time and their introduction of “e” or mobile WiMAX fits squarely into our plans,” said Pawel Kozlowski, field and access engineering director, GTS Poland. “With PacketMAX subscriber units we can run the “fixed” standard or the “mobile” standard depending on software load; and the PacketMAX 5000 base station gives us the flexibility we need to run both standards in the same footprint making technology migration straight forward. By executing on this strategy, Aperto has proven its ability to solve real operator problems.”

With advanced technologies such as MIMO, antenna diversity and space-time coding (STC), the PacketMAX platform will evolve to yield even greater link budgets to enable more effective communications for WiMAX users, no matter where they are located, whether at the office, at home, or on the move. PacketMAX will also include multiple base station form factors for mobile WiMAX, such as single sector, multi-sector and pico-cell base station, allowing network operators to optimize their deployments.


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