Intel, Redline Communications And BCS lead The WiMAX Race


Intel Corporation, the world’s leader in silicon innovation, and Redline Communications, manufacturer of RedMAX, the world’s first complete wireless broadband system to achieve WiMAX Forum Certification, are using the power of WiMAX technology to connect wireless ‘hotspots’ at the Gulf Air Bahrain Formula One taking place in Bahrain from March 10th – 12th.

The RedMAX WiMAX equipment will connect Grand Prix visitors to the Internet, via a WiFi Hotspot, allowing them to access voice, video and data communications directly from the event and follow race statistics and updates via the web. The WiMAX network is being established by BCS, a Bahrain-based network systems integrator specializing in advanced wireless networks.

‘The WiMAX pilot at the Grand Prix will demonstrate the ability of this technology to make broadband access more broadly available, enabling people to stay connected from more locations than ever before,’ said Samir Al-Shamma, GM Gulf Countries, Intel Corporation. ‘Intel is keen to provide an enhanced experience to audiences by integrating leading technology into different aspects of the Grand Prix’ Al Schamma also added that by enabling millions to obtain wireless internet connectivity cheaply and easily, WiMAX presents a tremendous opportunity for economies aiming to rapidly embrace the benefits of global digital transformation.

‘Just as the Formula One demonstrates the highest-performance vehicles in the world, WiMAX technology delivers unmatched, high-speed connectivity in the most challenging of conditions,’ said Keith Doucet, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management, Redline Communications. ‘We are excited to once again work with Intel at an international Grand Prix event to demonstrate the capabilities of WiMAX.’ In June 2005, Intel and Redline demonstrated their WiMAX-based technology at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, Canada.


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