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The Best Smart TV’s Of 2017

The Best Smart TV’s Of 2017

If you want to purchase a new TV and you want to make a good purchase and to get the best possible option that you can, then you have to do some research and that can take you a long time. Luckily for you, we have done all the hard work for you and we have made a list of the best smart TV’s that are available now on the market. Depending on your taste, you can choose any of these TV’s because all of them are incredible and they will never let you down.


The number one pick for us would be the LG E7 OLED TV because we believe that this is the best 4K smart TV overall. As mentioned above, we have done a lot of research and put a lot of time into this list in order to make it the best. After all the research, we have come up with an overall winner that makes every other TV look silly when compared to this one. So, if you are looking to upgrade your home with the best technology that 2017 has offered to us yet, then you must buy the LG E7 smart TV.


Vizio Smart TvYou might be wondering what TV brand is this, and that is normal because it is not that popular, but we had to put this TV on the list because we think that this is the best TV that you can get under $1000 and that is a big thing nowadays. People are always looking for ways to save up money, and this Smart TV can give you that chance. You get very good performance and quality and you only need to pay less than a $1000.  These days, finding a quality TV that is worth buying under that price range is very hard to find because they are mostly very low quality and they have poor image resolution which can result in a bad experience. Wasting money on devices like that is the last thing that you want to do, that’s why we present you this TV at a great price.

Benefits Of Having A Gaming Setup


When it comes to computer technology, there is a lot of things that need to be covered because computers are one of the most valuable things that we have invented. They not only make our lives easier, but they are making everything more fun. If you don’t know how computers can make your life more fun, then you are most likely not a gamer type, and you are using computer technology only for business. Well, we have news for you, computers, as you might know, are being used for gaming purposes and it has become a real big thing. When the first computers were made, they were not thinking about making games for them, they were made simply to make our lives easier by doing certain tasks much faster.

GamingHowever, as time went by, people realized that the technology could be used for much more than just tasks, it can be used for entertainment purposes, so people started making games. Faster than you could realize, people started playing video games all over the world and everyone was crazy about them. Unlike some people predicted, gaming hasn’t died off, it has only grown and expanded. Nowadays, to be a gamer you need to have a quite good gaming setup and we will talk about the benefits of having one.

Better Performance

One of the most important things about gaming is that you must perform well when you are playing, especially when you are into competitive gaming and playing against other players. The reason why performance is important is that if you are not able to perform well, you will lose and nowadays in competitive gaming the prices are big, and you don’t want to lose. So, how can a gaming setup improve your performance, well it is quite simple.

If you don’t have a good gaming setup, then when you are playing some games, your computer might be struggling to run the game properly and you will start having lags. A lag is the worst enemy of every gamer, so you want to do everything in your power to avoid having any lags. The best thing is to purchase the best gaming setup that you can afford and hope for the best because some games are very demanding.

Improved Experience

Some people will disagree with this, but we like to think that you will have a much-improved experience gaming with a proper setup. People who are disagreeing with this are people who never experienced gaming with the proper gaming setup and they don’t know what they are missing out on. Once you experience playing games with a gaming setup, you will realize that you cannot compare it with gaming with a regular desktop or laptop.

Best Way To Utilize Social Media


Most definitely you are using some type of social media platform to connect with friends, especially when you have friends from some other country. Well, the reason why we are so certain that you are using some type of social media platform is that we know how popular it is nowadays to use it. Of course, there is nothing bad about using social media platforms, they are designed to give you the chance to connect with your friends using the power of the internet and technology. You are not only able to connect with your friends through these social media platforms, but you can also see what they are up to every single day if they post something about their day.

Social Media NetworksSocial media is a very interesting thing and people just love using it because it was made for everyone to use it. Even if you are not a big computer geek or you really don’t know anything about internet or technology, you can still start using social media because it was designed to be very user-friendly and simple. These platforms were made to be very simple to use, this way they will allow everyone to catch up quickly and start using it. All you really need is few clicks and you can start a conversation with a friend that is living in another country.

Benefit from Social Media

One thing people are not doing the right way, they are not using social media to the fullest, there are a lot of people who don’t understand the full potential of these platforms and those people are missing out on a lot of beneficial things. Of course, we are not talking about the benefits that you can talk with your friends whenever you want, we are talking about some more valuable benefits such as making a profit with these social media platforms.

If you never head to making money with social media, then stay here and we will explain everything to you. As mentioned, you can make money using only social media, but it is not that easy. If it was easy everyone would do it. This requires a lot of time, dedication and some type of idea. You must have an idea for social media if you want to attract people to your account and make money from various ads. You have to start using social media as a job, make this a serious commitment.

The Impact Of Internet On Society

The Impact Of Internet On Society

These days almost everyone has some type of device that they can use to connect to the internet and browse anything they want. All of that wouldn’t be possible without the advancements in technology in the past decade. Technology has been advancing at a rapid speed and if you are not following the latest news, then you will fall back quite fast because technology is not waiting for anyone. As mentioned almost everyone has some type of device a desktop computer or even a mobile device that they can use to connect with the internet and that tells us something, it tells us a story how our society has changed in the past few years just because of technology and internet.

Nobody was expecting that we will have one day something good and beneficial as the internet but here we are, not even realizing the impact that internet had on our lives and society in general. Well, today we are here to talk about that impact of the internet on society because we want to show people that they cannot function properly without internet or technology anymore. People who might not be using the internet or a smart device like a desktop computer are mostly older generations who decided not to follow the trend.

Changed Lives

InternetWe can say a lot of positive things about the internet and the technology, but can we say something negative about it? Of course, we can, but people decide not to listen and pay attention to these negative things because there are some much more important positive things. One negative thing that came with the internet is that our lives have changed and not only for the better. Take for example young kids, nowadays you will rarely see them playing hide and seek or any other activity because they are all inside playing together online connected to the internet. Nobody seems to talk about that situation, furthermore, they are still encouraging young kinds to play video games often. In some countries, competitive gaming has become a real thing and people can now build a career in gaming.

Social Media Impact

When we want to talk about the impact that internet had on society, the first thing that comes to our mind is social media because it is the most influential thing that has happened, and it has affected a huge number of people all over the world. Nowadays, we don’t ever think about how social media is a huge part of our lives, we are just using it every day like we were born with it. Some people cannot go one single day without using social media and that is very sad.

Social MediaOf course, social media is not all bad, there are plenty of good things that have come from it, but we had to mention it because it is a huge thing that has impacted our lives. Our society will never work like it worked 20 years ago without social media because we love being connected to other people.

The Most Relevant News In The World Of Technology


The most interesting news in the niche comes from Google and YouTube. Apparently, Google is hiring professionals to completely stamp out any offensive comments or videos on the most popular video platform called YouTube. It is more than obvious that a lot of it is going on there since the number of users of YouTube is outstandingly big.

Without any further a due, the company decided to critically reduce the amount of offensive content that might make any problems in the near future. The other change will be the greater utilization of smart technology as well as the introduction of strict restrictions on all types of advertising. This is the way how Google decided to censor explicit content on YouTube as one of the most popular video platforms on the Internet.

The main intention is to hire around 10 000 people that will filter and refine the content that might violate any of their policies. It is for that reason that their teams have reviewed almost 2 million videos so far, looking for any clues of violent extremist content that could have been uploaded in the span of the last six months. And this was not only applied to videos but the entire comment section as well.

GoogleGoogle has their teams taking aggressive actions in all fields and they even went one step further and designed a whole comment moderation tool that will be launched very soon. In cases where those tools will not do any good, they will eventually shut down the possibility to leave a comment and take care of the problem. With the latest reports showing that there is an increased amount of videos that contain violence and profanity and something has to be done.

With one swift action, Google managed to adequately answer the challenge put before them. This also goes for all sorts of advertisers and their commercials as YouTube took a whole new approach to advertising. They are now paying a lot more attention to this than ever before and the results are already visible.

Hitachi Com And Alvarion To Cooperate In Developing Mobile WIMAX System


Hitachi Com and Alvarion have agreed to develop Broadband Mobile Wireless Access System using Mobile WiMAX technology jointly in Japan and overseas market.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has developed the license policy of 2.5 GHz band. WiMAX is considered as the most likely candidate for Broadband Mobile Wireless Access Systems. To establish WiMAX technology, the base station, which can transmit broadband data stably, and the mobile management technology, which can realize seamless handover between base stations, are needed.

The main goal of this agreement is that Hitachi Com and Alvarion will develop total system solutions, combined with the base station technology of Alvarion, which is globally a leading company in WiMAX and broadband wireless systems, with the mobile gateway technology, construction and maintenance technology of Hitachi Com, which has the rich experience of 3G Mobile Radio Network System.

Hitachi Com is in charge of developing ASN-GW, while Alvarion is in charge of developing high performance macro/micro base stations.

Ultimately Hitachi Com, which has proven itself in the 3G mobile communication market, and Alvarion, hope to realize a new WiMAX system in Japan, that has high quality of career grade signal while still maintaining WiFi systems and deployment.

WiMax System

WiMAX system could bring the revolution to the table of all consumers when it comes to the mobile networks and services. There were some mentions that this new mobile WiMAX network will be able to provide the consumers with much better services and products. All areas will be provided with wireless Internet access so this means rural, suburbia and urban areas. The consumers will be able to expect a lot of good benefits from this cooperation and the entire network system will get greatly improved in every sense of that word. It remains to be seen what will come next.

Sprint Nextel And Clearwire To Partner On The First Nationwide WiMAX Network

Sprint Nextel And Clearwire To Partner On The First Nationwide WiMAX Network

Clearwire and Sprint Nextel plan their partnership and one of their main goals will be the building of the first national mobile broadband network that will be completely based on the WiMAX mobile technology. All of this is because of the promotion of the global expansion of the entire WiMAX technology and the development of its services.

This partnership was meant to create multiple broad benefits for public safety users, the Federal government, educators, businesses of all sorts but most of all, the consumers. In order to do so, they will need to foster more efficient deployment of a mobile WiMAX broadband network, which is broad and quicker. And this is much more than any of the aforementioned companies could ever accomplish on their own for sure.

Designed to deliver mobile broadband services in rural, suburban and urban markets, the WiMAX network aims to enable significantly better and greater breadth and depth of their services. Each company will, therefore, reduce their operating costs as well as the network development while increasing capital efficiency. As a part of their agreement is the roaming between the respected territories and both Clearwire and Sprint Nextel are working on this as a part of their nationwide network building plan.

NextelOne of their main goals is the overall improvement of their products and services and they will put their joint effort on distribution, marketing, branding and shared infrastructure. With this in mind, it is important to mention that the companies plan to exchange carefully selected 2,5 GHz spectrum with the aim and the very best intention to optimize the operation and development as well as the build-out of the network.

Upon the execution of their definite agreement, all of this should take place in the next two months where the officials expect that the entire process will be completely finalized while entering the mature stage of the overall global negotiations. After the conclusion of the agreement chapter, both companies plan to surprise their consumers as well as the distributors and businesses all across the country with the open Internet access.

This is how they will test their wireless broadband network that designed with the thought to deliver comparable speeds while offering maximum customer flexibility. It’s safe to say that all consumers of their services will greatly benefit from this useful agreement and merging.

ABI Research Tracks US Mobile WiMAX Market As It Moves From Uncertain To Vibrant

ABI Research Tracks US Mobile WiMAX Market As It Moves From Uncertain To Vibrant

There are numerous and divided opinions throughout the United States when it comes to WiMAX. It was not longer than a year ago that people thought they would only see fixed WiMAX deployed in rural areas. Of course, this would imply that there are no cable modem or DSL services. Since the switching to mobile WiMAX instead of using their ordinary proprietary network, Sprint Nextel became one of the pioneers as the first major mobile operator that is officially committed to WiMAX.

Clearwire and Sprint will immediately work on forming a full roaming arrangement and the final goal would be to merge completely. The main goal is to attract as more mergers, partnerships and major strategic alliances as possible. NextWave is also into WiMAX spectrum and their NextWave Broadband subsidiary has but one main aim and that is to make sure to enable more WiMAX devices as soon as possible.

The only way how they can do this is by selling, even more, mobile WiMAX chipsets because that is the only way how they can completely ensure that the value of the entire spectrum will be greatly increased. In this digital era, it is a normal thing that there will be a lot of wireless ISPs that are all looking to deploy mobile WiMAX.

VerizonOne of the ISPs that would serve as a perfect example would be Horizon Wi-Com. It is a known fact that they hold their 2,3 GHz Northeast spectrum after acquiring it from Verizon. With this in mind, EchoStar and DirecTV decided to make their partnership with Clearwire official by announcing that they will allow Clearwire to bundle broadcast video, shortly after they manage to deploy their network.

This will provide the DSB companies with a low-latency and utterly fast pipe. All of this along with much more about similar moves and market trends in the world is discussed in the latest ABI Research Brief. This research was named Mobile WiMAX in the United States and its main aim and goal were to provide a detailed analysis.

Bridgewater Systems Joins Alvarion’s OPEN WiMAX Ecosystem


July 12, 2007

Alvarion Ltd. and Bridgewater Systems announced that Bridgewater has joined Alvarion’s OPEN WiMAX ecosystem to provide subscriber-centric policy management solutions for WiMAX deployments. With the signing of a worldwide reseller agreement, Alvarion will offer Bridgewater’s proven AAA Service Controller as part of its all-IP 4MotionTM WiMAX solution which provides an end-to-end solution for broadband network operators.

WiMax EcosystemIf these two companies really join together and start working on improvement, then we can surely expect some great thing to happen in the near future. Of course, we are not saying that without each other they are not improving, just that if they do join, they will have the opportunity to improve all of the things at a much higher speed and this way more things will be take care of and they will save a lot of money. This will be beneficial for both companies because working together they can reach to new ideas and it will even be beneficial to the users.

“We are pleased to be part of Alvarion’s best-of-breed 4Motion WiMAX solution,” said Tyler Nelson, vice president of business development and marketing for Bridgewater Systems. “Bridgewater’s participation in Alvarion’s OPEN WiMAX ecosystem will allow operators around the world to gain access to an industry-leading AAA solution that meets the requirements for mobile WiMAX, in addition to the functionality and carrier-grade performance required to support 4G services.”

Designed as open, standard, and interoperable, OPEN WiMAX is a complete ecosystem that encompasses network equipment, consumer electronics, service offerings, and even the end-users’ experience. OPEN WiMAX is the ecosystem of partners behind Alvarion’s highly scalable 4Motion solution, which combines BreezeMAXTM and best-of-breed systems to create an operator-centric network solution for WiMAX.

4Motion is designed to enable service providers to offer subscribers fixed and mobile personal broadband services anytime, anywhere. The complete all-IP Mobile WiMAX solution is designed to be compliant with 802.16e-2005 and WiMAX Forum Network Working Group specifications.

Fully interoperable with 4Motion’s Access Service Network gateways (ASN-GW), the Bridgewater Systems AAA Service Controller is a proven carrier-grade authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) solution. It features a powerful policy and profile engine to allow service providers to control and manage access to advanced and differentiated services on a per-subscriber basis. The AAA Service Controller provides extensive support for mobile WiMAX often not available in legacy AAA servers, such as support for multiple EAP methods, dual RADIUS/Diameter protocol support, device and subscriber authentication, as well as mobile IP support.

“Our growing OPEN WiMAX ecosystem now includes Bridgewater’s leading subscriber-centric policy management products, which enables us to provide more flexible options in an end-to-end turnkey offering to the mobile WiMAX market,” said Rudy Leser, corporate vice president of strategy and marketing for Alvarion. “Together we will provide a compelling value proposition to the growing market for mobile WiMAX solutions, as Alvarion expands its 4Motion solution by continuing to add best-of-breed partners.”

Under terms of the agreement, Alvarion gains the right to resell the AAA Service Controller and associated modules for WiMAX on a non-exclusive basis around the world.

Wavesat Announces Availability Of World’s First 5.8 GHz WiMAX Mini-PCI Design

Wavesat Announces Availability Of World's First 5.8 GHz WiMAX Mini-PCI Design

May 30, 2007

Wavesat, a leading designer of WiMAX 802.16d-2004 & .16e-2005 solutions announced today the immediate availability of its 5.8 GHz Mini-PCI reference design. Wavesat’s 5.8 GHz Mini-PCI design is optimized to allow equipment manufacturers worldwide to rapidly bring WiMAX equipment to market.

5.8. GHz WiMAX mini-PCIThis is not a small announcement that we can easily overlook, this is a very important announcement from Wavesat. Having the very firs 5.8. GHz WiMAX mini-PCI design in the world is a great thing, especially knowing that there is nothing that can come close to this in the entire world. This will allow all the equipment manufacturers in the entire world to introduce the WiMAX equipment to the modern market and that will be extremely beneficial to WiMAX and for the users because they will gain a lot of popularity. A lot of people have been waiting for this announcement.

The reference design in the form of an extended length Mini-PCI card facilitates system designs by providing a plug-and-play complete solution for the lower layer air interface and time critical low-level MAC functionality. It allows equipment manufacturers to tailor the motherboard providing the higher layer application processor and peripherals according to their specific needs, hence providing greater flexibility and reducing development efforts.

The 5.8 GHz Mini-PCI design is a development platform supporting ODMs efforts to design WiMAX-compliant wireless devices for the 5.8 GHz unlicensed band using Wavesat’s Evolutive WiMAX™ DM256 chip. Based on the WiMAX Forum profile, the 5.8 GHz Mini-PCI design greatly simplifies the overall WiMAX CPE design, enabling customers to bring WiMAX solutions to market faster and more cost-efficiently, while allowing for flexibility to address further changes driven by the WiMAX emerging market dynamics, application diversity and customer profiles.

“Wavesat’s WiMAX Mini-PCI reference designs offer OEMs and ODMs the unique opportunity to quickly develop a low BOM subscriber unit with minimum NRE investment and risk by using existing broadband CPE platforms,” commented Vijay Dube, VP Marketing and Business Development for Wavesat. “Because 5.8 GHz is an unlicensed frequency band, it can be rapidly deployed by Wireless Internet Service Providers (WiSPs) around the world and especially in North America, where it is the only WiMAX Forum profile currently deployable.”