81% of WiMAX Networks Built With Alvairon Equipment In 2005


Alvarion Ltd. announced that Sky Light Research, a leading broadband wireless analyst firm, has reported the company’s 2005 WiMAX market share at 81% of all deployments worldwide. Since its launch in mid-2004, Alvarion’s BreezeMAX™ system has been successfully deployed in over 180 installations in more than 80 countries, including with carriers such as T-Com (Germany), ENTEL (Chile), Iberbanda (Spain), and Kenya Data Networks (Kenya).

“Alvarion’s early entrance into the WiMAX market with its WiMAX-ready BreezeMAX 3500 radio in 2004 has paid off with a dominant leadership position for the company. Now that BreezeMAX has been certified, the early successes with WiMAX-ready equipment will be leveraged in 2006 and beyond as the certified WiMAX market ramps,” said Emmy Johnson, principal analyst of Sky Light Research. “Alvarion has been a leading advocate of WiMAX since its inception, and has taken great effort in promoting the technology for the larger, global telecommunication market.”

In 2003, Alvarion was the first company to partner with Intel to work together to incorporate Intel’s 806.16-2004 chips into the company’s systems. Since then, Alvarion has led the WiMAX industry with numerous milestones:

• Launched a WiMAX system — BreezeMAX 3500 in June 2004
• First to offer a commercial WiMAX CPE, BreezeMAX PRO, using the Intel® PRO/Wireless 5116 broadband interface chip
• First with a commercial self-installable WiMAX CPE, BreezeMAX Si, paving the way for portable and nomadic services
• First to demonstrate 4Motion™, an end-to end mobile WiMAX solution based on IEEE 802.16e-2005, to provide personal broadband services anytime, anywhere
• Several industry awards, including IEC’s InfoVision and WCA’s Best Technology Foresight
• Certification of BreezeMAX and successful interoperability of its mobile WiMAX solution, 4Motion™, with end user devices embedded with a WiMAX chip

“We are pleased to have our revenues, trials activity and market leadership in WiMAX confirmed by a top analyst firm such as Sky Light,” said Rudy Leser, Alvarion’s corporate vice president of strategy and marketing. “As a pioneer of the broadband wireless industry for more than a decade, we continue to be well positioned to lead the development and deployment of both fixed and mobile WiMAX systems as evidenced by the depth and breadth of our partners, customers, and deployments globally. Our vast experience ensures that when carriers choose BreezeMAX to build their networks, they receive the most advanced technology, the best WiMAX network available, and are able to take advantage of new, advanced features and functions as they become available in the future. We are proud to be partners to so many of our customers deploying commercial WiMAX systems.”


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