WiMAX World Europe Conference & Expo (May 22-24)


May 22-24, 2006

Austria Convention Center in Vienna

In 2006, the highly anticipated WiMAX technology becomes a reality, with already 150+ service providers around the world starting to build networks based on fully standard equipment. This will create a new competitive force in mature telecoms markets and accelerate broadband availability in underserved areas. By mid-2006 we should see the first products and trials based on the second, mobile WiMAX standard, 802.16e, which has even greater disruptive potential.

WiMaxA World Europe conference is not a small thing, this is a very big accomplishment because this event will open up new doors for the entire WiMAX community and new ideas might come to life. Having new and more advanced ideas is always a priority, especially with technology. As mentioned, this will be one of the biggest events that will take place in Europe for three days starting from 22 of May. The even will be finalized 24 of May in the Austria Convention Center in Vienna. So, if you are near Vienna at the time or you are just interested in this expo, then feel free to come and visit us there. We cannot wait to see all the people who are supporting us with this expo. WiMAX is making a huge step, all of these service provides are the main reason why everything was made possible.

To make the promises of WiMAX a reality, there need to be sound business models, proven equipment, relevant spectrum and a rich ecosystem of applications and supporting technologies. WiMAX World Europe 2006 comes at an exceptionally important time, when these developments are just starting to take place.


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