The Most Relevant News In The World Of Technology


The most interesting news in the niche comes from Google and YouTube. Apparently, Google is hiring professionals to completely stamp out any offensive comments or videos on the most popular video platform called YouTube. It is more than obvious that a lot of it is going on there since the number of users of YouTube is outstandingly big.

Without any further a due, the company decided to critically reduce the amount of offensive content that might make any problems in the near future. The other change will be the greater utilization of smart technology as well as the introduction of strict restrictions on all types of advertising. This is the way how Google decided to censor explicit content on YouTube as one of the most popular video platforms on the Internet.

The main intention is to hire around 10 000 people that will filter and refine the content that might violate any of their policies. It is for that reason that their teams have reviewed almost 2 million videos so far, looking for any clues of violent extremist content that could have been uploaded in the span of the last six months. And this was not only applied to videos but the entire comment section as well.

GoogleGoogle has their teams taking aggressive actions in all fields and they even went one step further and designed a whole comment moderation tool that will be launched very soon. In cases where those tools will not do any good, they will eventually shut down the possibility to leave a comment and take care of the problem. With the latest reports showing that there is an increased amount of videos that contain violence and profanity and something has to be done.

With one swift action, Google managed to adequately answer the challenge put before them. This also goes for all sorts of advertisers and their commercials as YouTube took a whole new approach to advertising. They are now paying a lot more attention to this than ever before and the results are already visible.


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