The Impact Of Internet On Society

The Impact Of Internet On Society

These days almost everyone has some type of device that they can use to connect to the internet and browse anything they want. All of that wouldn’t be possible without the advancements in technology in the past decade. Technology has been advancing at a rapid speed and if you are not following the latest news, then you will fall back quite fast because technology is not waiting for anyone. As mentioned almost everyone has some type of device a desktop computer or even a mobile device that they can use to connect with the internet and that tells us something, it tells us a story how our society has changed in the past few years just because of technology and internet.

Nobody was expecting that we will have one day something good and beneficial as the internet but here we are, not even realizing the impact that internet had on our lives and society in general. Well, today we are here to talk about that impact of the internet on society because we want to show people that they cannot function properly without internet or technology anymore. People who might not be using the internet or a smart device like a desktop computer are mostly older generations who decided not to follow the trend.

Changed Lives

InternetWe can say a lot of positive things about the internet and the technology, but can we say something negative about it? Of course, we can, but people decide not to listen and pay attention to these negative things because there are some much more important positive things. One negative thing that came with the internet is that our lives have changed and not only for the better. Take for example young kids, nowadays you will rarely see them playing hide and seek or any other activity because they are all inside playing together online connected to the internet. Nobody seems to talk about that situation, furthermore, they are still encouraging young kinds to play video games often. In some countries, competitive gaming has become a real thing and people can now build a career in gaming.

Social Media Impact

When we want to talk about the impact that internet had on society, the first thing that comes to our mind is social media because it is the most influential thing that has happened, and it has affected a huge number of people all over the world. Nowadays, we don’t ever think about how social media is a huge part of our lives, we are just using it every day like we were born with it. Some people cannot go one single day without using social media and that is very sad.

Social MediaOf course, social media is not all bad, there are plenty of good things that have come from it, but we had to mention it because it is a huge thing that has impacted our lives. Our society will never work like it worked 20 years ago without social media because we love being connected to other people.


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