Headset, headphones, earbuds, in-ear .. – do you know enough?


To choose the right headset you need to know what you want, how sensitive are your ears, what makes you comfortable, so be sure to explore that. Both the wireless and wired headset have their advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on what one likes. We recommend Headphonesunder100center’s roundup of sub- $ 50 earbuds, but if you want to learn more about various headphones, continue reading …

Wireless headset definitely provides much greater freedom and mobility, and take up less space. They can be longer lasting as the cable on the wired headset quickly breaks down. Additionally, the headphones with a cable quickly die if you do not pack them properly, so breaking the cable can often kill the desire for music. On the other hand, the wired ones are a great option if you want really high-quality sound without interruption. Those with a cable emit stronger and better sound than wireless and are not subject to interruptions due to poor Bluetooth connectivity.

Learn all about various types of headphones

Over-the-ear cover your whole ear. These are the biggest headphones that have circular or ellipsoid earrings and include a whole ear. They can be bulky and heavy, and usually, professional headphones are of this type. On-ear have pads that are placed to your ear. This type of headset is much lighter than the previous one. They are made of lightweight materials, but have a weaker sound and leak more noise.

Earbuds are external earphones that are placed in the outside of the ear, and not in the ear canal. There are models with extra reinforcement behind the ear, as many such models easily fall out of the ear. In-ear headphones are fully inserted into the ear. they go directly into the ear canal. The sound of such headphones can be very high quality, and in line with some on-ear headphones.

Comfort is one of the most important things

earphoneTo really enjoy all the audio benefits provided by the new headphones, they must be comfortable. To make the headphones comfortable, they must be made of quality materials. They are mostly made of plastic, while better-quality models are made of leather, metal, wood and other noble materials.

However, the headphone material itself is not as important as it is important that certain parts of the headset be soft. The best are those headphones that have soft pads if we talk about headphones that go over the head. For such models, it is also important to have a lining on the crown, so that their weight doesn’t cause you pain over time.

Earbuds and in-ear are best with rubber inserts because they are less prone to fall out. The rubber is also hygienically more good for you than the sponge material and they will be very comfortable for this sensitive part of the ear. There is also an earbud with an ergonomic design that specifically adapts to each ear and such headphones are particularly comfortable.