Does Your Website Have a Crash Plan?


In the busy online world, we live in today it’s very important that every part of the machine works flawlessly and without disturbances. However, breakdowns happen all the time, and what’s important when they do, is to have a crash plan that will either fix the situation or minimize its negative impact. For many businesses that don’t have a backup plan, this can mean thousands of lost dollars within ours, and for others, it can literally spell the death of their website. So, an important question is does your website have a crash plan?

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So, what are the steps that you need to take to prepare your website for web hosting outages?


Well, there are several things in place that every company or business can do, to make their website either crash proof, or its downtime significantly lowered. Some of them are:

  1. Backups

Backups are the lifeblood when your web hosting services encounter a lot of problems that might cause your website to have downtime. For instance, if you have a virus, or a hacker, or simply a power outage that can fry your HDD, this is where backups shine. Having a backup plan in your web hosting services might cost you extra, and you might think you don’t need it due to its cost but believe us it will pay out once you actually need it, and you will need it sooner or later.

  1. Multiple web hosting options

Everyone that has been in the web hosting market knows, that there is no chance that there will be a 100 % uptime on their service. Not unless you are Google. So, when choosing a provider to choose one that has a built trust on the forums or other users that you trust. Usually, the web hosting services that have multiple hosting options are the ones that do great. Maybe they won’t be the best in every option, but if they are close to the best at what you need, you should not worry about the rest.

  1. Security

The second most important thing to any successful website is the security of the given web hosting service. If your web hosting service provides a simple package of security, you might make the smart move and look for something more sophisticated. Having a top-notch security on your web host provides not just security for your website, but an additional advertising tool for your website as you can advertise that top-notch security to your customers.

  1. The ability to handle the outage

When your website goes offline, and notice that we are not saying if, but when, you should not panic, but call your web hosting service. Inform yourself with their customer support section what the issue is and how do they plan to fix it and in what timeframe. If they are a professional service where you want to stay with your business you will have your problems fixed in the amount of time that they said it would be fixed. If not, it’s time to look for another company as there are others that can effectively do this job.