The best smart plugs to buy in 2018

best smart plugs

Smart home tech in changing the way we behave and live. It impacts everything from our home to the air quality and power consumption. Nowadays, new appliances are smart by default, but older devices cannot be controlled with phone. That’s where smart plugs come as a convenient solution. iDISRUPTED reviewed the Etekcity smart plug, which uses the VeSync app and works with Alexa voice commands. We found some remarkable results and decided to make an article about smart plugs. Our team of experts compiled a list of outlets which you should try in 2018. We guarantee you the best results and efficiency.

iDevices Switch

If you are looking for a smart plug that will fulfil all your demands, then iDevices Switch is the way to go. It’s on the top of the list of Android and iOS users and it provides you detailed energy monitoring and seamless integration with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. iDevices Switch is the most attractive smart plug we tested so fat. It is sleek, minimalistic and occupies a single outlet. You can set up the color of the LED light based on your needs. This smart plug will provide you all options one houses hold needs. You can use the smart plug to turn on tv, preheat the oven, turn on the light, basically control everything.

iDevices Switch

Eufy Smart Plug Mini

You may not be familiar with this brand yet, but don’t let this fact scare you. Eufy is actually a sub-brand of well-known electronic maker Anker. They are the guys who make third-party iPhone cables, USB battery packs and Bluetooth speaker. This device is extremely affordable, and it can interact with Alexa and Google Assistant. During our testing, it was quick and reliable, and its Wi-Fi connection showed excellent range. When you disconnect, it connects very quickly. Eufy has a small blue LED light, and it has a compact size. If you are wondering where to use a smart plug, then Eufy Smart Plug Mini has a perfect explanation for you. The plug follows the energy usage and helps you see how much power some devices or battery has consumed.

EtekcityVoltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Like we mentioned in our intro, we tested various Etekcity smart plugs, and this company makes some interesting gadgets. It’s a bit expensive, but it compensates its price in quality. This device will help you connect all smart home systems. We found that EtekcityVoltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug is very reliable and well-designed, with an impressive range of features. With this gadget, you will get the real-time energy monitoring and smart Away mode. This option will keep the intruders away. You can create schedules, set timers and create home automation ideas. The only drawback is his design and shape. Even though it has a circular configuration and seems like it could save the space, it’s a bit large, and it will block the second socket on a wall panel.

The Best Smart TV’s Of 2017

The Best Smart TV’s Of 2017

If you want to purchase a new TV and you want to make a good purchase and to get the best possible option that you can, then you have to do some research and that can take you a long time. Luckily for you, we have done all the hard work for you and we have made a list of the best smart TV’s that are available now on the market. Depending on your taste, you can choose any of these TV’s because all of them are incredible and they will never let you down.


The number one pick for us would be the LG E7 OLED TV because we believe that this is the best 4K smart TV overall. As mentioned above, we have done a lot of research and put a lot of time into this list in order to make it the best. After all the research, we have come up with an overall winner that makes every other TV look silly when compared to this one. So, if you are looking to upgrade your home with the best technology that 2017 has offered to us yet, then you must buy the LG E7 smart TV.


Vizio Smart TvYou might be wondering what TV brand is this, and that is normal because it is not that popular, but we had to put this TV on the list because we think that this is the best TV that you can get under $1000 and that is a big thing nowadays. People are always looking for ways to save up money, and this Smart TV can give you that chance. You get very good performance and quality and you only need to pay less than a $1000.  These days, finding a quality TV that is worth buying under that price range is very hard to find because they are mostly very low quality and they have poor image resolution which can result in a bad experience. Wasting money on devices like that is the last thing that you want to do, that’s why we present you this TV at a great price.

Benefits Of Having A Gaming Setup


When it comes to computer technology, there is a lot of things that need to be covered because computers are one of the most valuable things that we have invented. They not only make our lives easier, but they are making everything more fun. If you don’t know how computers can make your life more fun, then you are most likely not a gamer type, and you are using computer technology only for business. Well, we have news for you, computers, as you might know, are being used for gaming purposes and it has become a real big thing. When the first computers were made, they were not thinking about making games for them, they were made simply to make our lives easier by doing certain tasks much faster.

GamingHowever, as time went by, people realized that the technology could be used for much more than just tasks, it can be used for entertainment purposes, so people started making games. Faster than you could realize, people started playing video games all over the world and everyone was crazy about them. Unlike some people predicted, gaming hasn’t died off, it has only grown and expanded. Nowadays, to be a gamer you need to have a quite good gaming setup and we will talk about the benefits of having one.

Better Performance

One of the most important things about gaming is that you must perform well when you are playing, especially when you are into competitive gaming and playing against other players. The reason why performance is important is that if you are not able to perform well, you will lose and nowadays in competitive gaming the prices are big, and you don’t want to lose. So, how can a gaming setup improve your performance, well it is quite simple.

If you don’t have a good gaming setup, then when you are playing some games, your computer might be struggling to run the game properly and you will start having lags. A lag is the worst enemy of every gamer, so you want to do everything in your power to avoid having any lags. The best thing is to purchase the best gaming setup that you can afford and hope for the best because some games are very demanding.

Improved Experience

Some people will disagree with this, but we like to think that you will have a much-improved experience gaming with a proper setup. People who are disagreeing with this are people who never experienced gaming with the proper gaming setup and they don’t know what they are missing out on. Once you experience playing games with a gaming setup, you will realize that you cannot compare it with gaming with a regular desktop or laptop.

The Most Relevant News In The World Of Technology


The most interesting news in the niche comes from Google and YouTube. Apparently, Google is hiring professionals to completely stamp out any offensive comments or videos on the most popular video platform called YouTube. It is more than obvious that a lot of it is going on there since the number of users of YouTube is outstandingly big.

Without any further a due, the company decided to critically reduce the amount of offensive content that might make any problems in the near future. The other change will be the greater utilization of smart technology as well as the introduction of strict restrictions on all types of advertising. This is the way how Google decided to censor explicit content on YouTube as one of the most popular video platforms on the Internet.

The main intention is to hire around 10 000 people that will filter and refine the content that might violate any of their policies. It is for that reason that their teams have reviewed almost 2 million videos so far, looking for any clues of violent extremist content that could have been uploaded in the span of the last six months. And this was not only applied to videos but the entire comment section as well.

GoogleGoogle has their teams taking aggressive actions in all fields and they even went one step further and designed a whole comment moderation tool that will be launched very soon. In cases where those tools will not do any good, they will eventually shut down the possibility to leave a comment and take care of the problem. With the latest reports showing that there is an increased amount of videos that contain violence and profanity and something has to be done.

With one swift action, Google managed to adequately answer the challenge put before them. This also goes for all sorts of advertisers and their commercials as YouTube took a whole new approach to advertising. They are now paying a lot more attention to this than ever before and the results are already visible.

Mobile Technology Strategy Outlined by Intel

Mobile Technology Strategy Outlined by Intel

At its developer forum being held this week in San Diego, California, Intel has offered a glimpse into its plans for mobile and wireless technologies, including an upgrade to the popular Centrino platform, several new dual-core chips, and a chipset that will support both Wi-Fi and WiMax connections.

SmartphoneThis type of improvement in mobile technology is not a small thing, we have to take this seriously, this can change a lot of things in the mobile world. Whenever it comes to a chipset upgrade, we have to be prepared because the next generation of chips can perform a lot faster and better than any previous one. A chipset that could support both Wi-Fi and Wimax connections is something that we haven’t been able to see before and we are very excited for that. Wi-Fi connections are very important in every mobile device nowadays because for some people that is the only way they can connect with the internet and browse the web. People have been putting more and more effort and dedication towards the mobile technology and because of that we are now having these types of improvements that can allow us to use these devices for much more than just talking.

The next generation of Intel’s Centrino platform is codenamed Santa Rosa and will feature a more powerful processor, an improved graphics chipset, and support for the forthcoming 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. In addition, the Santa Rosa platform will include a flash-memory-based accelerator, codenamed Robson, that Intel claims will help laptops boot more quickly and use less power.

“Emerging applications such as mashups, blogs, podcasts, and RSS make the Internet an even more personal and interactive experience, and people want to carry those experiences with them,” said Sean Maloney, Intel’s executive vice president, in a statement. “The next stage of Internet growth is to make this ‘real Internet’ mobile.”

KT And Samsung To Demo First WiBro Phone in Korea


South Korea’s largest fixed-line telecommunications company, KT Corp, together with Samsung initiated a test-run of a WiBro phone during the APEC Conference 2005 in Korea.

The limited test-run is now underway in Busan with a limited roll-out using 500 handsets for Pacific Rim leaders, senior government officials and foreign journalists.

Samsung will introduce the H1000 WiBro mobile phone and the Samsung M8000 PDA with WiBro and a WiBro interface card for laptops.

The demonstration is aimed to collect feedback on how the new technology would work. It is also aimed at publicizing the up-to-date technology during the APEC which gets global media attention.

WiBro is one of KT’s ambitious and costly projects to find a new revenue stream for the former state telephone monopoly, which is struggling with a shrinking wired telephone market as more customers rely on their mobile phones to communicate.

KT will also start its commercial WiBro service as early as June of 2006 with the aim of attracting as many as 4 million subscribers to the service by 2010.

WiBro, the Korean based “Wimax”, is competing with the WiMAX wireless broadband technology heavily pushed by Intel.

The technology, named WiBro – short for wireless broadband – is designed to deliver high-speed Internet connections to mobile phones, promising to allow people to watch high-definition television programs via handsets in a moving vehicle or on a street.

KT hopes the new technology would help provide speedier and cheaper connections for mobile phones, thus helping develop a new revenue source for it.

On Saturday, a KT technician said the new technology can send data at a speed of up to one megabit per second, which is equivalent to conventional fixed-line broadband Internet.

In reality, however, the speed was slower than expected, though the technician said he was unable to measure it.

And the phone’s screen size, which measures about 3 inches diagonally, is too small to surf the Internet. What’s worse, only specially designed Internet sites for smaller screens can be properly accessed by the phone.

KT has not given a price for the WiBro phone and service, but they are expected to be more expensive than current technologies.