The top 4 free music apps

music apps

Music apps have become very popular in the last couple of years, and they provide users different ways to stream music. We never had more ways to enjoy music, and there is plenty of free apps that make it easier to discover new performers, songs, and music genres. Whether you are using iPhone, Android or Windows-powered device; you will always find an app that will let you research new tracks to love and listen to your old favorites. Together with musicinstrumentscenter, we created a list of the top music apps you can download and try out.


music application pandoraPandora is a free music application that streams songs for you. Enter the song you want to hear, and Pandora will play the track. The app will recommend you similar songs and artists, and when you finish the listening, you can rate every song and bookmark your favorite artists. When you are connected to Wi-Fi, Pandora will provide you the best performance, with little to no buffering. If you register with Pandora, you will be given the possibility to save your stations and ratings using the phone and computer. The app is available for Android, Apple and BlackBerry devices and the best thing, it’s free.


Shazam is a widely popular app and everyone who wants to discover new songs and artists uses this application. Shazam listens to a song that is being played and tells users the name and performer. Whether you are watching the movie or you are at a coffee shop, and you don’t know the name of the song, Shazam will tell you. It records every entry, and later you can review your history and play the songs again. Then you can share the songs with your friends and even post them on social media. The app is compatible with all OS’s, and it’s free.


Spotify is a fantastic app that lets you follow the artists and sync your music with a phone. Same like Pandora you can create your radio station and play the recommended music based on your initial interest. You can discover new songs by reviewing top lists and new releases and well as browsing through new chart lists. The app provides you a possibility to add your favorite music to a library and play them again later. The great thing about Spotify is that you can push the notification button and every time it has been a new release; you will be notified.


If you just need a radio for your smartphone device, then iHeartRadio has you covered. It supports a lot of devices; it has excellent features and no commercials. The app can find nearby stations and help you enjoy the music you love. However, iHeartRadio doesn’t only focus on music, but you can listen to podcasts as well and create your personal station with favorite songs. You can save any radio station you like to hear so you don’t waste time on search.