How to make a good marketing strategy?


No matter which marketing strategy attracts customers to your site (paid advertising, content on social networks), a good deal is what you will actually “buy” your customers. The offer should be such that customers recognize that it is just for them, needs to create a sense of necessity, and make potential customers ask: “What should I do next so that I get this?”

Before you leave your offer in a digital era, expecting a satisfactory number of sales, consider whether you have covered all the aspects of Digital Marketing that will be listed in the rest of the text.

Define your ideal buyer profile

Before launching a fantastic offer, you must know to whom it is exactly intended. It is, therefore, necessary to define the profile of your ideal customer. What you need to do is to explore the target group for whom your product or service is intended and based on your research to detail the profile of your ideal customer. It should be a fictitious character but made up of elements that are generally specific to your real customers. Keep in mind demographics and psychological aspects (behaviors, habits and customer beliefs) when researching and compiling a buyer profile.


A problem, solution, and proof

For those who can become your customers, you must offer a solution to what is troubling them, not the product itself. Before you begin to promote the product, consider whether you have clearly offered the prospect to the solution and stated all the benefits.

You probably know that people are often mistrustful of new brands and new products. Another characteristic of people is that they will trust your brand if they see that others believe it.

So show to who your brand was helpful when presenting your brand to a new prospective customer. Take advantage of all the features that fall into “social proof” (words of satisfied customers, numbers showing how satisfied the customers are or the purchased products, product ratings, etc.).

Also, consider offering customers the ability to value your product/service in relation to time and/or money that has been saved using your product or service. You can then use this as evidence of the quality of your product or service.


Sales funnel and offer

The offer is just one part of your sales leash. If buyers are interested in the offer, they must pass certain steps (leaving their data) to the collection and receipt of the product/service they paid. All steps in the sales leash should also be transparent and clear, in order to reduce the potential for a potential buyer to leave a step in the sales process and give up purchases.

The price for your offer must be transparent, as well as everything that is included in the price. If you offer specific services, make sure you have several packages with different options, for which customers will be able to decide themselves (basic package, the advanced package with multiple options, etc.).