Bridgewater Systems Joins Alvarion’s OPEN WiMAX Ecosystem


July 12, 2007

Alvarion Ltd. and Bridgewater Systems announced that Bridgewater has joined Alvarion’s OPEN WiMAX ecosystem to provide subscriber-centric policy management solutions for WiMAX deployments. With the signing of a worldwide reseller agreement, Alvarion will offer Bridgewater’s proven AAA Service Controller as part of its all-IP 4MotionTM WiMAX solution which provides an end-to-end solution for broadband network operators.

WiMax EcosystemIf these two companies really join together and start working on improvement, then we can surely expect some great thing to happen in the near future. Of course, we are not saying that without each other they are not improving, just that if they do join, they will have the opportunity to improve all of the things at a much higher speed and this way more things will be take care of and they will save a lot of money. This will be beneficial for both companies because working together they can reach to new ideas and it will even be beneficial to the users.

“We are pleased to be part of Alvarion’s best-of-breed 4Motion WiMAX solution,” said Tyler Nelson, vice president of business development and marketing for Bridgewater Systems. “Bridgewater’s participation in Alvarion’s OPEN WiMAX ecosystem will allow operators around the world to gain access to an industry-leading AAA solution that meets the requirements for mobile WiMAX, in addition to the functionality and carrier-grade performance required to support 4G services.”

Designed as open, standard, and interoperable, OPEN WiMAX is a complete ecosystem that encompasses network equipment, consumer electronics, service offerings, and even the end-users’ experience. OPEN WiMAX is the ecosystem of partners behind Alvarion’s highly scalable 4Motion solution, which combines BreezeMAXTM and best-of-breed systems to create an operator-centric network solution for WiMAX.

4Motion is designed to enable service providers to offer subscribers fixed and mobile personal broadband services anytime, anywhere. The complete all-IP Mobile WiMAX solution is designed to be compliant with 802.16e-2005 and WiMAX Forum Network Working Group specifications.

Fully interoperable with 4Motion’s Access Service Network gateways (ASN-GW), the Bridgewater Systems AAA Service Controller is a proven carrier-grade authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) solution. It features a powerful policy and profile engine to allow service providers to control and manage access to advanced and differentiated services on a per-subscriber basis. The AAA Service Controller provides extensive support for mobile WiMAX often not available in legacy AAA servers, such as support for multiple EAP methods, dual RADIUS/Diameter protocol support, device and subscriber authentication, as well as mobile IP support.

“Our growing OPEN WiMAX ecosystem now includes Bridgewater’s leading subscriber-centric policy management products, which enables us to provide more flexible options in an end-to-end turnkey offering to the mobile WiMAX market,” said Rudy Leser, corporate vice president of strategy and marketing for Alvarion. “Together we will provide a compelling value proposition to the growing market for mobile WiMAX solutions, as Alvarion expands its 4Motion solution by continuing to add best-of-breed partners.”

Under terms of the agreement, Alvarion gains the right to resell the AAA Service Controller and associated modules for WiMAX on a non-exclusive basis around the world.

WiMAX World Europe Conference & Expo (May 22-24)


May 22-24, 2006

Austria Convention Center in Vienna

In 2006, the highly anticipated WiMAX technology becomes a reality, with already 150+ service providers around the world starting to build networks based on fully standard equipment. This will create a new competitive force in mature telecoms markets and accelerate broadband availability in underserved areas. By mid-2006 we should see the first products and trials based on the second, mobile WiMAX standard, 802.16e, which has even greater disruptive potential.

WiMaxA World Europe conference is not a small thing, this is a very big accomplishment because this event will open up new doors for the entire WiMAX community and new ideas might come to life. Having new and more advanced ideas is always a priority, especially with technology. As mentioned, this will be one of the biggest events that will take place in Europe for three days starting from 22 of May. The even will be finalized 24 of May in the Austria Convention Center in Vienna. So, if you are near Vienna at the time or you are just interested in this expo, then feel free to come and visit us there. We cannot wait to see all the people who are supporting us with this expo. WiMAX is making a huge step, all of these service provides are the main reason why everything was made possible.

To make the promises of WiMAX a reality, there need to be sound business models, proven equipment, relevant spectrum and a rich ecosystem of applications and supporting technologies. WiMAX World Europe 2006 comes at an exceptionally important time, when these developments are just starting to take place.

African WiMax And CDMA Forum Held In April


April 24-26th, 2006

Midrand, South Africa

“Beyond the Hype and the Technospeak” is the theme of the first African WiMAX & CDMA forum to be held in Midrand, South Africa from April 24-26 April.

Leading technology developers are combining forces to mount an intensive educational event for Africa’s telecom operators, ISPs, regulators, developers, resellers and solution providers. They include QUALCOMM, the leading developer of CDMA technology and the lead sponsor of the CDMA Focus at the forum.

CDMAIf you are interested in hearing the latest news and advancements in technology, then you should take a visit to this event because you will have the chance to listen to the leading developers of technology. Having this type of opportunity is something that you don’t get every day, in fact, you might never have this chance even in your life to see and hear in person some of the leading technology developers talking about issues and solutions. They expect to have a lot of people coming there and supporting this even, so make sure to get there on time.

Co-sponsors include Aperto Networks, Redline Communications, Huawei Technologies and Lucent Technologies.

The event is being supported by the international CDMA Development Group (CDG) and will include the launch of the African CDMA Forum, an industry body to represent users across the continent and facilitate knowledge-sharing.