How to make a good marketing strategy?


No matter which marketing strategy attracts customers to your site (paid advertising, content on social networks), a good deal is what you will actually “buy” your customers. The offer should be such that customers recognize that it is just for them, needs to create a sense of necessity, and make potential customers ask: “What should I do next so that I get this?”

Before you leave your offer in a digital era, expecting a satisfactory number of sales, consider whether you have covered all the aspects of Digital Marketing that will be listed in the rest of the text.

Define your ideal buyer profile

Before launching a fantastic offer, you must know to whom it is exactly intended. It is, therefore, necessary to define the profile of your ideal customer. What you need to do is to explore the target group for whom your product or service is intended and based on your research to detail the profile of your ideal customer. It should be a fictitious character but made up of elements that are generally specific to your real customers. Keep in mind demographics and psychological aspects (behaviors, habits and customer beliefs) when researching and compiling a buyer profile.


A problem, solution, and proof

For those who can become your customers, you must offer a solution to what is troubling them, not the product itself. Before you begin to promote the product, consider whether you have clearly offered the prospect to the solution and stated all the benefits.

You probably know that people are often mistrustful of new brands and new products. Another characteristic of people is that they will trust your brand if they see that others believe it.

So show to who your brand was helpful when presenting your brand to a new prospective customer. Take advantage of all the features that fall into “social proof” (words of satisfied customers, numbers showing how satisfied the customers are or the purchased products, product ratings, etc.).

Also, consider offering customers the ability to value your product/service in relation to time and/or money that has been saved using your product or service. You can then use this as evidence of the quality of your product or service.


Sales funnel and offer

The offer is just one part of your sales leash. If buyers are interested in the offer, they must pass certain steps (leaving their data) to the collection and receipt of the product/service they paid. All steps in the sales leash should also be transparent and clear, in order to reduce the potential for a potential buyer to leave a step in the sales process and give up purchases.

The price for your offer must be transparent, as well as everything that is included in the price. If you offer specific services, make sure you have several packages with different options, for which customers will be able to decide themselves (basic package, the advanced package with multiple options, etc.).

Headset, headphones, earbuds, in-ear .. – do you know enough?


To choose the right headset you need to know what you want, how sensitive are your ears, what makes you comfortable, so be sure to explore that. Both the wireless and wired headset have their advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on what one likes. We recommend Headphonesunder100center’s roundup of sub- $ 50 earbuds, but if you want to learn more about various headphones, continue reading …

Wireless headset definitely provides much greater freedom and mobility, and take up less space. They can be longer lasting as the cable on the wired headset quickly breaks down. Additionally, the headphones with a cable quickly die if you do not pack them properly, so breaking the cable can often kill the desire for music. On the other hand, the wired ones are a great option if you want really high-quality sound without interruption. Those with a cable emit stronger and better sound than wireless and are not subject to interruptions due to poor Bluetooth connectivity.

Learn all about various types of headphones

Over-the-ear cover your whole ear. These are the biggest headphones that have circular or ellipsoid earrings and include a whole ear. They can be bulky and heavy, and usually, professional headphones are of this type. On-ear have pads that are placed to your ear. This type of headset is much lighter than the previous one. They are made of lightweight materials, but have a weaker sound and leak more noise.

Earbuds are external earphones that are placed in the outside of the ear, and not in the ear canal. There are models with extra reinforcement behind the ear, as many such models easily fall out of the ear. In-ear headphones are fully inserted into the ear. they go directly into the ear canal. The sound of such headphones can be very high quality, and in line with some on-ear headphones.

Comfort is one of the most important things

earphoneTo really enjoy all the audio benefits provided by the new headphones, they must be comfortable. To make the headphones comfortable, they must be made of quality materials. They are mostly made of plastic, while better-quality models are made of leather, metal, wood and other noble materials.

However, the headphone material itself is not as important as it is important that certain parts of the headset be soft. The best are those headphones that have soft pads if we talk about headphones that go over the head. For such models, it is also important to have a lining on the crown, so that their weight doesn’t cause you pain over time.

Earbuds and in-ear are best with rubber inserts because they are less prone to fall out. The rubber is also hygienically more good for you than the sponge material and they will be very comfortable for this sensitive part of the ear. There is also an earbud with an ergonomic design that specifically adapts to each ear and such headphones are particularly comfortable.

How does IPTV work and what is IP streaming?


Television has changed a lot since the internet came to every home. Although the most powerful medium remained, the Internet, apart from our habits and expectations, also changed television. Television, in fact, takes the best of its modern, interactive cousin and becomes stronger and better than ever.

Although it has now been a while since IPTV services are on market, it’s likely that you are not fully aware of what IPTV Streams and IP streaming technology means. We are here to fully explain to you all the benefits of this technology and what you get if you opt for an IPTV package.

So, how does IP streaming and IPTV work?

IPTV is an abbreviation for the term Internet Protocol Television, which would be simplified to everyday language in the widest line – Internet TV. Thanks to the development of telecommunication technologies, it is possible to transmit a large amount of data through telephone structures. Apart from surfing, your internet also provides interactive television, video content available on demand and more.

In addition to the modem, you must also have a digital receiver. IPTV technology provides access to a large number of television channels, electronic guide, program recording, and live TV.

The popularity of IPTV technology

If you visit social networks and if you are among the Internet users who love to spend their time surfing the Internet, you know all the fantastic series that were filmed on ABC, Netflix, etc. Thanks to the growing interest in IPTV, distributors such as HBO have reached a sufficiently large budget and have launched their own content production, which is available to IPTV users. This approach to creating quality and diverse content has come to an excellent reception with users since the ratio between price and quality is in the best proportion with Internet television.

All the details you need to know

By definition, IPTV is a multimedia service that includes the transmission of data from the category of television, audio, text, video, and graphics through the IP network, which also has a satisfactorily high level of quality, reliability, and security during data transmission. The data transferred also goes to the categories of LiveTV and Interactive TV / Video on Demand (iTV and VOD).

In this case, the consumer, viewer or, if you will, the user is using the telephone line, the same DSL “pair” receives a telephone signal, receives MPTS packages (multiple program transport streams) right from your existing ISP provider. The advantages of the IPTV platform are combinations with fast internet access, the ability to integrate services such as VoIP, VOD or complete Tripple Play. Therefore, the important advantage of the IPTV system is its interactivity – programs can be tracked at the time that suits you, shows and movies can be ordered (and paid), and also, of course, streaming audio signals is possible. And if you choose a great provider, all of this will be delivered to you without any glitch.

The best smart plugs to buy in 2018

best smart plugs

Smart home tech in changing the way we behave and live. It impacts everything from our home to the air quality and power consumption. Nowadays, new appliances are smart by default, but older devices cannot be controlled with phone. That’s where smart plugs come as a convenient solution. iDISRUPTED reviewed the Etekcity smart plug, which uses the VeSync app and works with Alexa voice commands. We found some remarkable results and decided to make an article about smart plugs. Our team of experts compiled a list of outlets which you should try in 2018. We guarantee you the best results and efficiency.

iDevices Switch

If you are looking for a smart plug that will fulfil all your demands, then iDevices Switch is the way to go. It’s on the top of the list of Android and iOS users and it provides you detailed energy monitoring and seamless integration with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. iDevices Switch is the most attractive smart plug we tested so fat. It is sleek, minimalistic and occupies a single outlet. You can set up the color of the LED light based on your needs. This smart plug will provide you all options one houses hold needs. You can use the smart plug to turn on tv, preheat the oven, turn on the light, basically control everything.

iDevices Switch

Eufy Smart Plug Mini

You may not be familiar with this brand yet, but don’t let this fact scare you. Eufy is actually a sub-brand of well-known electronic maker Anker. They are the guys who make third-party iPhone cables, USB battery packs and Bluetooth speaker. This device is extremely affordable, and it can interact with Alexa and Google Assistant. During our testing, it was quick and reliable, and its Wi-Fi connection showed excellent range. When you disconnect, it connects very quickly. Eufy has a small blue LED light, and it has a compact size. If you are wondering where to use a smart plug, then Eufy Smart Plug Mini has a perfect explanation for you. The plug follows the energy usage and helps you see how much power some devices or battery has consumed.

EtekcityVoltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Like we mentioned in our intro, we tested various Etekcity smart plugs, and this company makes some interesting gadgets. It’s a bit expensive, but it compensates its price in quality. This device will help you connect all smart home systems. We found that EtekcityVoltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug is very reliable and well-designed, with an impressive range of features. With this gadget, you will get the real-time energy monitoring and smart Away mode. This option will keep the intruders away. You can create schedules, set timers and create home automation ideas. The only drawback is his design and shape. Even though it has a circular configuration and seems like it could save the space, it’s a bit large, and it will block the second socket on a wall panel.

How to Boost Gaming Performance

Boost Gaming Performance

Boosting your gaming performance is something that every gamer wants to know and achieve because it will help them become better at video games. So, if you want to know the tricks and tips that will help you boost your performance while gaming, you better stay here and follow our instructions. We specially designed this article to be educational for gamers who don’t know a lot about hardware and software stuff. Here is the list of the tricks that you should try out to boost gaming performance.

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

There are a lot of gamers who purchase a gaming computer that has been already prebuilt, so they really don’t understand what parts they have. It is like buying a console because you don’t have to do any special setup in order to get that computer running. You just install games and start playing them. Well, the main issue with gamers like that is they don’t know the importance of keeping your software up to date, especially the graphics card drivers. Most of the drivers that you have will work just fine with the latest games, but the one most important thing which is the graphics card must be always kept up to date with the latest driver. So, next time before you start gaming, we suggest that you check for new drivers for your graphics card and if you find new ones, make sure that you install them before gaming. This simple trick should boost your gaming performance by a lot, so don’t forget to check your drivers.

Optimize Your Games

Optimize Your GamesEvery game that you are playing is different and they all have different system requirements. Depending on your setup, you might not be able to play some video games because you will have low FPS. Low FPS is mostly because of the outdated graphics card which means that you need to invest in a new one. However, sometimes having low FPS can be easily fixed by optimizing the game in the settings. That’s right, most games when started up the first time will have all the graphics settings set automatically to high. If you are looking for a game that isn’t that demanding, we suggest trying out League of Legends. You can even buy lol accounts that are level 30 already for quite cheap. Make sure that you check this game out as well as those settings if you are having problems with fps because you might be able to play if you lower those settings to normal or low. You can also turn off things that you really don’t need like shadows or lower the view distance.

Change Your HDD to SSD

You have most likely heard about SSD-s they are a piece of hardware that is essentially replacing your hard drive because it is much faster. Hard drives are the past and if you still have one, make sure that you replace it with a new SSD because your entire gaming experience will become better. Not only it will boost your gaming performance, but it will also boost your entire PC setup. You will load into games much faster which will save you a lot of time.