Wavesat Announces Availability Of World’s First 5.8 GHz WiMAX Mini-PCI Design

Wavesat Announces Availability Of World's First 5.8 GHz WiMAX Mini-PCI Design

May 30, 2007

Wavesat, a leading designer of WiMAX 802.16d-2004 & .16e-2005 solutions announced today the immediate availability of its 5.8 GHz Mini-PCI reference design. Wavesat’s 5.8 GHz Mini-PCI design is optimized to allow equipment manufacturers worldwide to rapidly bring WiMAX equipment to market.

5.8. GHz WiMAX mini-PCIThis is not a small announcement that we can easily overlook, this is a very important announcement from Wavesat. Having the very firs 5.8. GHz WiMAX mini-PCI design in the world is a great thing, especially knowing that there is nothing that can come close to this in the entire world. This will allow all the equipment manufacturers in the entire world to introduce the WiMAX equipment to the modern market and that will be extremely beneficial to WiMAX and for the users because they will gain a lot of popularity. A lot of people have been waiting for this announcement.

The reference design in the form of an extended length Mini-PCI card facilitates system designs by providing a plug-and-play complete solution for the lower layer air interface and time critical low-level MAC functionality. It allows equipment manufacturers to tailor the motherboard providing the higher layer application processor and peripherals according to their specific needs, hence providing greater flexibility and reducing development efforts.

The 5.8 GHz Mini-PCI design is a development platform supporting ODMs efforts to design WiMAX-compliant wireless devices for the 5.8 GHz unlicensed band using Wavesat’s Evolutive WiMAX™ DM256 chip. Based on the WiMAX Forum profile, the 5.8 GHz Mini-PCI design greatly simplifies the overall WiMAX CPE design, enabling customers to bring WiMAX solutions to market faster and more cost-efficiently, while allowing for flexibility to address further changes driven by the WiMAX emerging market dynamics, application diversity and customer profiles.

“Wavesat’s WiMAX Mini-PCI reference designs offer OEMs and ODMs the unique opportunity to quickly develop a low BOM subscriber unit with minimum NRE investment and risk by using existing broadband CPE platforms,” commented Vijay Dube, VP Marketing and Business Development for Wavesat. “Because 5.8 GHz is an unlicensed frequency band, it can be rapidly deployed by Wireless Internet Service Providers (WiSPs) around the world and especially in North America, where it is the only WiMAX Forum profile currently deployable.”

African WiMax And CDMA Forum Held In April


April 24-26th, 2006

Midrand, South Africa

“Beyond the Hype and the Technospeak” is the theme of the first African WiMAX & CDMA forum to be held in Midrand, South Africa from April 24-26 April.

Leading technology developers are combining forces to mount an intensive educational event for Africa’s telecom operators, ISPs, regulators, developers, resellers and solution providers. They include QUALCOMM, the leading developer of CDMA technology and the lead sponsor of the CDMA Focus at the forum.

CDMAIf you are interested in hearing the latest news and advancements in technology, then you should take a visit to this event because you will have the chance to listen to the leading developers of technology. Having this type of opportunity is something that you don’t get every day, in fact, you might never have this chance even in your life to see and hear in person some of the leading technology developers talking about issues and solutions. They expect to have a lot of people coming there and supporting this even, so make sure to get there on time.

Co-sponsors include Aperto Networks, Redline Communications, Huawei Technologies and Lucent Technologies.

The event is being supported by the international CDMA Development Group (CDG) and will include the launch of the African CDMA Forum, an industry body to represent users across the continent and facilitate knowledge-sharing.



March 19-23, 2006

Las Vegas

Reflecting the converged communications marketplace, wireless technologies will play a key role on the TelecomNEXT exhibit floor and in conference programming when the communications industry meets in Las Vegas, March 19-23, 2006 at TelecomNEXT. The only place where the business and technology of communications and entertainment meet, TelecomNEXT replaces SUPERCOMM as USTelecom’s annual industry show.

Next TelecomAs you might know, there is a lot of various devices and pieces of wireless technology that is available nowadays. The question is asked, why do we need to have wireless technology, well it is quite simple, it allows us to move the device freely without it being physically connected. For example, wireless headset is a very beneficial wireless device because it allows the user to move around the room freely without having to worry about getting tangled in the wires of the headset. So, if you are into wireless technology make sure you visit this event.

“The future of communications is a marketplace where wired and wireless networks operate seamlessly, securely and in innovative ways to deliver exciting new products and services to consumers. TelecomNEXT is the only place where you can see all of these dynamic technologies come together,” said John Abel, Senior Vice President – Membership, Marketing and Business Development for USTelecom.

On the TelecomNEXT exhibit floor, conference attendees can see cutting-edge wireless products and learn about what’s next in wireless technology. Nortel, Cisco, and ADC are among the exhibitors showcasing wireless technology on the TelecomNEXT exhibit floor:

– Nortel will demonstrate its WiMAX solutions, mobile gaming and wireless handset to PC video calling. Nortel’s WiMAX solutions enable carrier-class, high-speed, broadband fixed and mobile services wirelessly to large areas with much less infrastructure than is needed today.