The best smart plugs to buy in 2018

best smart plugs

Smart home tech in changing the way we behave and live. It impacts everything from our home to the air quality and power consumption. Nowadays, new appliances are smart by default, but older devices cannot be controlled with phone. That’s where smart plugs come as a convenient solution. iDISRUPTED reviewed the Etekcity smart plug, which uses the VeSync app and works with Alexa voice commands. We found some remarkable results and decided to make an article about smart plugs. Our team of experts compiled a list of outlets which you should try in 2018. We guarantee you the best results and efficiency.

iDevices Switch

If you are looking for a smart plug that will fulfil all your demands, then iDevices Switch is the way to go. It’s on the top of the list of Android and iOS users and it provides you detailed energy monitoring and seamless integration with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. iDevices Switch is the most attractive smart plug we tested so fat. It is sleek, minimalistic and occupies a single outlet. You can set up the color of the LED light based on your needs. This smart plug will provide you all options one houses hold needs. You can use the smart plug to turn on tv, preheat the oven, turn on the light, basically control everything.

iDevices Switch

Eufy Smart Plug Mini

You may not be familiar with this brand yet, but don’t let this fact scare you. Eufy is actually a sub-brand of well-known electronic maker Anker. They are the guys who make third-party iPhone cables, USB battery packs and Bluetooth speaker. This device is extremely affordable, and it can interact with Alexa and Google Assistant. During our testing, it was quick and reliable, and its Wi-Fi connection showed excellent range. When you disconnect, it connects very quickly. Eufy has a small blue LED light, and it has a compact size. If you are wondering where to use a smart plug, then Eufy Smart Plug Mini has a perfect explanation for you. The plug follows the energy usage and helps you see how much power some devices or battery has consumed.

EtekcityVoltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Like we mentioned in our intro, we tested various Etekcity smart plugs, and this company makes some interesting gadgets. It’s a bit expensive, but it compensates its price in quality. This device will help you connect all smart home systems. We found that EtekcityVoltson Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug is very reliable and well-designed, with an impressive range of features. With this gadget, you will get the real-time energy monitoring and smart Away mode. This option will keep the intruders away. You can create schedules, set timers and create home automation ideas. The only drawback is his design and shape. Even though it has a circular configuration and seems like it could save the space, it’s a bit large, and it will block the second socket on a wall panel.